Swanton residents asked to remove vehicles from streets before snowfall

The Village of Swanton is asking residents to make arrangements to park off streets prior to the snowfall predicted for Wednesday and Thursday. It will allow for more effective and efficient snow removal within the village once snow does accumulate.

If a snow emergency is declared by the Chief of Police, all vehicles must be removed from streets.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service and over a foot of snow is possible.

Swanton Public Service crews will work in shifts for snow removal.

“Main thoroughfares are top priority; crews will then focus on secondary and alleys,” a village Facebook post said. “We ask for your patience as this storm is expected to consistently drop snow for many hours. Crews work towards making streets passable, not perfect. We kindly ask for those who have to be on the roads to go slowly and be mindful of crews as they often have to stop; please keep a safe distance.”

Plows will, more than likely, have to make multiple passes down streets to keep up with the consistent snow fall. Salt will not be applied until snow stops falling.

Village Public Service crews do not service all roads in the area. There are various roads serviced by ODOT, county, or township crews in the larger Swanton zip code area.

The village is also asking those with fire hydrants near their property to dig them out if they are buried.

The Administration Office, at the Municipal Building, will preemptively close on Wednesday and Thursday. All utility bills. There will be no water shut offs on Wednesday.

https://www.swantonenterprise.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2022/02/web1_Snow-Plow-File-Photo.jpgDrew Stambaugh | AIM Media Midwest