Common Pleas Court

Gustavo Juarez Guzman, Delta, vs. Eugenia Juarez Fonseca, Delta, termination of marriage with children.

Christopher Stevens Infante, Delta, vs. Roxanne Infante, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Jordan R. Atkins, Lyons, vs., Cori Atkins, El Cajon, Cali., U.R.E.S.A.

Discover Bank, Independence, Ohio, vs. Devon M. Richard, Delta, other civil.

Darcy L. Feeback, Blissfield, Mich., vs. Steven R. Feeback, Metamora, dissolution of marriage with children.

Samuel L. Onweller Jr., Swanton, vs. Hope E. Onweller, Swanton, dissolution of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

Logan D. Beck, 27, Archbold, director of admission, and Hanna L. Frate, 25, Archbold, daycare teacher.

Jacob M. Gamber, 38, general labor, Wauseon, and MacKenzie R. Bell, 33, Wauseon, STNA.

Gregory S. Gable, 42, Fayette, steel worker, and Lorraine J. Oxender McNeal, 41, Fayette, self-employed.

Jeremy T. Rodriguez, 31, Delta, factory, and Caitlin G. Friess, 29, Delta, server.

Victor R. Montes, 42, Wauseon, mechanic, and Cassandra M. Medina, 31, Wauseon, stay at home mom.

Real Estate Transfers

Keith D. and Melissa Mann to Jacob J. Wyckhouse and Tiffany Kruse, 507 Cherry St., Wauseon, $140,000.

VAM Holding Company to Embassy Swanton Realty LLC, 214 S. Munson Road, Swanton, $3,131,100.

VAM Holding Company to Embassy Swanton Realty LLC, 204 S. Munson Road, Swanton, $93,000.

Dale E. and Nancy E. Wolfe to Pauline M. and Steven D. Harvey, 229 Woodland Ave., Swanton, $206,700.

Robert F. and Dana E. Keefe to Mark E. and Amanda L. McCready, 4904 County Road 3, Swanton, $110,000.

Janna Shonebarger to Alisha and Ryan Pratt, 911 Fernwood Ave., Delta, $135,000.

Herbert A. Gurwell to David and Roberta Vasquez, 8484 County Road D, Delta, $250,000.

Cory Carnahan to Aaron Short, 5528 County Road 21, Archbold, $220,000.

Michael A. Walter Jr. and Katherine M. Irelan-Walter to KRM & JM, 700 Fernwood Ave., Delta, $150,500.

Yiu Kwong and Fung Ping Fok to AJOG LLC, 1432 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $325,000.

Harry Butler to Alicia K. and Joshua A. Wakefield, 260 E. Airport Highway, Wauseon, $264,400.

Beverly W. Miller to Jeffrey Clark and Aimee Wozniak, 6713 County Road M, Delta, $303,000.

Andrew M. Falor to Jacob and Brittany Hales, 4711 County Road H, Delta, $100,000.