Loeffler will continue on Lucas SWCD Board

The Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District (Lucas SWCD) recently announced the re-election of Stephen Loeffler to the Board of Supervisors. Loeffler has served on the Lucas SWCD Board of Supervisors since April of 2012. He will serve a new three-year term commencing Jan. 1, 2022.

Loeffler has been farming for the past 44 years and is currently in his second term as an Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Area 1 Director. His past experiences include participating/assisting with 4-H, FFA, and the Fulton County Fair. He has over 29 years in the livestock industry, including former Director of the Michigan Livestock Exchange. Stephen also has experience in ditch maintenance.

He is interested in the preservation of natural resources and managing resources and budgets while in a difficult economic environment. Loeffler sees the role of the SWCD as assisting in better water management, helping to conserve soil/water/wildlife, and continuing to bring conservation into the classroom. He is married to his wife Denise for 16 years and now shares his farming with his son, Brad.

Like the other SWCD’s across Ohio, the Lucas SWCD is governed by a board of five supervisors who are publicly elected by county residents. Board Supervisors determine the District’s long-term strategic goals, hire staff, and approve all budget decisions. Regular Board meetings are held monthly and Supervisors serve staggered three-year terms, so there is an election every year. If someone is interested in becoming a Board Supervisor, contact the Lucas SWCD office.