Fulton County Skillathon winners announced

The Goat, Rabbit, Poultry, Dog, Swine, Beef, Sheep, and Dairy Skillathons were held on Aug. 14. These Skillathons were an opportunity for Junior Fair youth to display their knowledge of their 4-H or FFA animal projects.

The youth who entered the skill a thons answered questions on their species’ feeding, care, handling, medication, genetics and breeding, parts of the animal, meat cuts, use of byproducts, and/or breed identification. Senior Divisions are ages 14-18 and Junior Divisions are ages 8-13, except for swine.


Senior Division:

1st – Arika Zeiter

2nd – Leah Mishka

3rd – Wyatt Borer

4th – Jael Michelson

5th – Sophie Sterken

Junior Division:

1st – Julia Burkholder

2nd – Ella Mishka

3rd – Isabella Henricks

4th – Matea Burkholder

5th – Macie Hartman

The sponsor of the Goat Skillathon who provided first to third place cash awards to the winners in each age division was AMRI-Alternative Management Resources, Inc., of Swanton.


Senior Division:

1st – Sophie Sterken

2nd – Eise Hoylman

3rd – Renee Hoylman

Junior Division:

1st – Alexandria Paulson

2nd – Beth Miller

3rd – Katelyn Liechty


Senior Division:

1st – Leah Mishka

2nd – Jael Michelson

3rd – Preston Nofziger

4th – Brennan Bronson

5th – Makayla Fletcher

Junior Division:

1st – Kenny Hartman

2nd – Ella Mishka

3rd – Colton Nofziger

4th – Braxton Nofziger

5th – Izaak Conrad


Senior Division:

1st – Leah Mishka

2nd – Jael Michelson

3rd – Leise Hernandez

4th – Kaden Bergstedt

Junior Division:

1st – Ella Mishka

2nd – Alyssa Marvin

3rd – Haiden Beck

4th – Oliver Miller

5th – Maryann Gonzales


Senior Division:

1st— Kennedy Keller

2nd—Emma Vaculik

Junior Division

1st – Victoria Bergstedt

2nd – Jarett Rufenacht

3rd – AJ Leininger

4th – Kassidee Bergstedt


Senior Division:

1st – Hannah Kovar

2nd – Karter Zachrich

3rd – Janae Kinsman

4th – Nevaeh Powers

5th – Allison Herr

Junior Division:

1st – Lily Reynolds

2nd – Andrew Bettinger

3rd – Alyssa Marvin

4th – Kaelyn Kinsman

5th—Eva Suchora

Sponsors of the Sheep Skillathon who provided 1st- 3rd place cash awards to the winners in each age division were Beck Family Show Lambs and Burkholder Club Lambs.


Senior Division:

1st – Hannah Kovar

2nd – Allison Herr

3rd – Nevaeh Powers

4th – Kennedy Keller

5th – Caylee Sager

Junior Division:

1st – Jarett Rufenacht

2nd – Reiss Creighton

3rd – Brenna Creighton

4th – Cooper Stambaugh

5th – Creighton Aeschliman

Herring Farm LTD – Phil & Donielle Herring sponsored the Beef Skillathon cash awards for the 1st-3rd placements in each age division.


Senior Division, ages 15-18:

1st – Hannah Kovar

2nd – Drew Gillen

3rd – Maddie Thiel

4th – Rayne Kinsman

5th –Chloe Creque

Intermediate Division, ages 12-14:

1st – Makena Thiel

2nd – Ava Genter

3rd – Austin Gillen

4th – Cooper Stambaugh

5th – Adison Kinsman

Junior Division, ages 8-11:

1st – Ali Genter

2nd – Kaleb Wyse

3rd – Eva Suchora

4th – Brody Chittenden

5th – Payton Ledyard

Sponsors of the Swine Skilathon who provided first to third place cash awards to the winners in each age division were Just Mulch of Archbold; J & B Feed of Wauseon; and Fulton County Pork Producers.