Lucas SWCD offers fish, cover crop sales

The Lucas Soil &Water Conservation District (Lucas SWCD) is offering a Fish Sale and a Cover Crop Sale this fall.

Lucas SWCD has partnered with Walnut Creek Seeds to offer two fall cover crops, a Garden Late Cover multi-species mix and Austrian Winter Pea, that are well-suited for gardens in northwest Ohio. Cover crops planted in the fall help protect the soil over winter and revitalize it for spring planting.

Each mix ranges from $6-7 per pound bag. Deadline to pre-order cover crop mixes is Oct. 4. To place an order, visit or call the SWCD office at (419) 893-1966. This sale requires pre-ordering.

Mixes can be picked up on or after Oct. 15.

Lucas SWCD is also partnering with Fender’s Fish Hatchery to offer new and established pond owners the opportunity to stock their ponds conveniently and at a low cost. Five different types of fish fingerlings, ranging 1 to 6 inches in size depending on species, are available through the sale for less than $1 each. The species include largemouth bass, yellow perch, channel catfish, bluegill, and fathead minnows.

The deadline to pre-order fish is Oct. 12. The pick-up date is Oct. 19 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Lucas County Fairgrounds.

To place an order, visit or call/stop by the office in Maumee. This sale requires pre-ordering.