Common Pleas Court

April D. Maitland, Napoleon, vs. Robyn L. Lamere, Defiance, other civil.

Leisa N. Canales, Wauseon, vs. Joshua L. Drenning, Knowsville, Tenn., non-support of dependents.

Ashley P. Ortega, Archbold, vs. Jose P. Ortega, Archbold, dissolution of marriage with children.

Phillip J. Grieser, Archbold, vs. Amy Bullanno, other civil.

Nicholas Koontz, Fayette, vs. Tayler Bleikamp, West Unity, other civil.

Joshua Burwell, Montpelier, vs. Laura Speaks, Napoleon, other civil.

Lora Ripke, Archbold, vs. Gene Sugg, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Oscar E. Calderon, 24, Archbold, cabinet assembly, and Olivia R. Molina, 29, Fayette, pack associate.

Steven A. Postighone, 39, Wauseon, laborer, and Brittany N. Robbins, 32, Toledo, hospitality.

Alexander L. Zimmerman, 27, Wauseon, salesman, and Desiree J. Cantu, 25, Wauseon, homemaker.

Ronald E. Buehrer Jr., 29, Delta, factory, and Jenna N. Brink, 30, Delta, homemaker.

Steven C. Bender, 42, Wauseon, disabled, and Natishia L. Johnson, 42, Wauseon, health care tech.

Michael R. Cargle, 39, Archbold, industrial maintenance, and Adrienne M. Emmons, 35, Archbold, sales consultant.

Michael R. O’Brien, 37, Delta, manager, and Deana M. Robinson, 37, Delta, CSR for MMO.

Jacob R. Law, 38, Wauseon, iron worker, and Katherine J. Hoff, 38, Wauseon, student.

Alexi N. Neumann, 25, Lyons, operator technician, and Erica L. Van Loocke, 24, Lyons, RN.

Zachariah A. Whitaker, 33, Wauseon, landscaper, and Chelsea M. Taylor, 28, Wauseon, homemaker.

Real Estate Transfers

Erin N. McCormick to Zeesky LLC, 204 Lincoln Lane, Archbold, $55,000.

Saul and Paige Triana to Kory A. and Tammy S. Allison, 4951 County Road 17, Wauseon, $215,000.

John Carman Jr. to John II and Tammie Ann Burling, 122 Bassett Ave., Swanton, $179,500.

Andrew E. and Jessica R. Seppala to Parker Q. and Jeannette M. Cornwell, 3293 U.S. 20, Metamora, $163,550.

Call Cameron Property LLC to Christine M. Pinkelman, 311 Hinkle St., Lyons, $73,000.

Aaron M. and Carrie J. Baynes to Lori Waidelich and Levi Yarbro, co-trustees, 311 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $169,900.

Mabel Rentals LLC to Kristopher C. Lauber, 303 DeGroff Ave., Archbold, $79,000.

Mark and Amanda McCready to Brandan Burnett, 205 Munson, Swanton, $130,000.

Teresa L. Boysel to Justin Gault, 208 N. Brunell St., Wauseon, $91,000.

Phillip A. Hoops to Mohamed A. Hilou, 303 Valleywood Drive, Swanton, $175,000.

Sarah J. and Andrew M. Newns to James A. and Darlene J. Alcorn, 404 Cedar St., Wauseon, $99,500.

Joseph C. and Jamie E. Hale to Jacob B. and Georgia M. Schnitkey, 316 Madison St., Wauseon, $60,000.

Michael B. and Nancy J. Bloom to Thresa M. Schaller, 128 Harrison Ave., Swanton, $112,371.

Christopher J. Hallett, successor trustee, to Christopher R. and Deborah S. Taylor, 108 Forrester Ave., Swanton, $72,000.

John R. Estel to Donald K. Bowling, 11831 County Road F, Wauseon, $160,000.

Linda Short, trustee, to Stacy Properties LLC, 105 N. Franklin St., Archbold, $40,000.

Jeffry and Gala Pennington to Cyle J. and Haley Miller, 12440 County Road 16-3, Wauseon, $290,000.

Michael Newell to Deacon P. and Hayle Gilmore, 13713 State Hwy. 64, Swanton, $250,000.

Landon D. Good and Hali L. Rieman, co-trustees, to Christopher R. Sanford and Desiree Newman, 213 Rosewood Court, Archbold, $238,000.

Haley L. Wanless and Cyle Miller to Danielle S. Thomas, 434 W. Main St., Delta, $127,500.