County CSEA wins award

Staff report

The Fulton County Job and Family Services Child Support Enforcement Agency was chosen to receive the I-70 project award from the Ohio Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE).

Each federal fiscal year, the OCSE distributes funding to state IV-D agencies based on achievement in five incentive categories. OCSE measures performance in the category of Collection of Current Support by dividing the total amount of current child support distributed statewide by the total amount of current child support owed. Although Ohio consistently ranks in the top five of all states for this category, an increase in the current support collection rate to 70 percent would allow Ohio to reach the next benchmark in federal collection goals. This would provide for a greater share of the OCSE-distributed federal funding.

As a result, Project I-70 was created to challenge and encourage Ohio CSEAs to develop innovative processes and share best practices in their collection efforts. As part of this initiative, OCS conducts video conferences with both management and line staff in all county CSEAs. Video conferences are held on-site at a different CSEA that has shown extraordinary effort in their initiative. Fulton County received the November 2015 “Best Performance” for a small- to medium-sized county for their efforts in collections in the I-70 project, and is again being recognized in 2016.

In 2015, parents supported their children by working with the Child Support unit for a collection total of over $6.9 million.

“Not only has Fulton County been awarded the April Achievement Award for reaching its goal on the I-70 project, but we finished first in Paternity Establishments the past three years for a small- to medium-sized county,” said FCJFS Director Amy Metz-Simon. “This Achievement Award is a direct reflection of the dedication and persistence of our staff.”

LuAnn Stiriz, Fulton County CSEA supervisor, said: “When the I-70 project began, our percentage of collection rate on current support was 76.35 percent — last month it was 79.88 percent. This FFY we have an average increase of 2.92 percent compared to the same time period last year. Our success can be credited to the hard work of our staff, other Fulton County partners, and to the parents who pay their support.”

Staff report