ODOT campaigns against littering

The Ohio Department of Transportation has reported that, on average, its crews collect more than 400,000 bags of other people’s trash from along state roadsides each year, costing citizens about $4 million annually.

An ODOT spokesperson said the time, effort, and cost addressing the issue is 100% preventable.

The perennial problem has led ODOT to produce a public service announcement in an effort to stop litter at its source.

“The same men and women who pick up trash along our roadways also perform other vital work like plowing snow, patching potholes, repairing guardrail, mowing grass, and replacing culverts,” the PSA notes. “Picking up other people’s trash takes them away from those important jobs. That’s why they’re asking for Ohioans to help by doing something most of us learned in elementary school: Use a trash can.”

Sixty- and 30-second versions of the PSA can be viewed at vimeo.com/showcase/nomorelitterohio.

ODOT campaigns against littering