Swanton golf club faces COVID related fine or suspension

Staff Report

A local club is among those facing a suspension or fines for violations related to the pandemic.

The Ohio Liquor Control Commission conducted administrative hearings last week, according to a Wednesday news release. The commission heard cases against liquor permit holders cited with violations related to Ohio’s health and safety regulations aimed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Valleywood Golf Club, Swanton, on or about Sept. 23, recklessly caused inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to another by creating a condition that presents a risk of illness, by an act or acts that served no lawful and reasonable purpose and premises were not in a sanitary condition, according to the release.

It said employees refilled a bottle that formerly contained alcoholic beverages in and upon the permit premises and/or sold, offered for sale and/or possessed liquor in an original container that had been refilled.

At the hearing, the permit holder entered a denial. Based on the evidence presented, the commission found the permit holder in violation and issued a five-day suspension beginning at noon Feb. 24, but gave the permit holder the option to pay $500.

Staff Report