Hospice offers free virtual grief support

In the absence of face-to-face bereavement support group meetings due to the coronavirus, Hospice of Northwest Ohio is offering virtual bereavement group sessions and private counseling sessions to anyone in the community who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Anyone interested should contact the hospice bereavement team by phone to schedule a time for a virtual assessment to determine which group would be most beneficial. This will be a time for individuals to share their story and hear about the bereavement services available at this time. This will assure the best possible group experience.

All bereavement services are provided free of charge and are available to anyone in the community, whether or not they have had previous involvement with Hospice of Northwest Ohio. All meetings are conducted by our team of professional counselors.

Contact the Hospice of Northwest Ohio Bereavement Department at 419-661-4001.

To learn more about grief and loss, visit the Hospice of Northwest Ohio website at www.hospicenwo.org.