Delta anticipates growth in ‘21

Staff report

The Village of Delta increased its revenues in 2020, and anticipates a growing population thanks to an increased industrial base and despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the village administrator.

Brad Peebles reported tax collections up more than 2% for last year, totaling $1,161,719, as compared to $1,144,065 in 2019. The village recorded 20 new permits and applications for tax abatement estimated at $4.71 million. A new commercial permit and an industrial construction permit were issued with an estimated total value of $31 million.

“I believe Delta will realize a resurgence in interested industrial partners who will look at the community for growth opportunities once the pandemic subsides and life returns to whatever the new normal will be,” Peebles said.

In fact, two new housing permits already granted in 2021 leave Delta concerned that property in the village is becoming a premium. “The village is concerned as the availability of building lots has been depleted to the point that very few remain,” Peebles said.

He said any business interruptions or closings in Delta in 2020 can’t be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. But he added, “(W)e clearly recognize the hardships all entities have endured” as the virus continues to spread out of control.

Delta is “postured” to attract both residential and industrial growth in the coming year, Peebles said.

“I also believe Delta will continue its proactive efforts to promote and support the residential growth realizing it is a critical factor for those new businesses looking at the area knowing work force is vital,” he said.

Staff report