Courthouse News

Marriage Licenses

Clark O. Carroll, 32, Delta, general manager, and Mallory F. Diamond, 30, Delta, teacher.

Real Estate Transfers

Jeremy M. Sparks to Dean A. Dunlap and Ashlyn Bontrager, 1378 County Road D, Swanton, $130,000.

Christina M. Boutwell to Bryce T. Bowes, 247 W. Main St., Delta, $93,000.

Joy C. McKarus and Scott W. Allen, co-trustees, to Huntington Dynamics LLC, 9705 County Road 8-1, Delta, $115,000.

Leo A. Hall and Brian J. and Sharon Kasten to Carolyn Fickel, 112 Crabapple Drive, Swanton, $200,000.

Deanna Miller to Christopher R. and Carrie A. Reeves, 9850 County Road 10-2, Delta, $154,500.

Bernadine M. Overmyer to Cory A. and Erin K. Sheller, 6803 County Road N, Delta, $150,000.

Lea Turpening and Tonya M. Sallows to Jan Snyder and Tonya M. Sallows, County Road 6, Delta, $5,450.

Jan Snyder and Tonya M. Sallows to Jan Snyder, County Road 6, Delta, $5,450