Bob Latta re-elected to Congress

By Roger LaPointe -



Years of constituent work and follow-up economic support related to the coronavirus are what incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, believes were the issues that resonated with voters this election.

“I think what we had to do was focus on jobs and the economy, and also on COVID,” Latta said.

He won re-election to the 5th Congressional District on Tuesday with Fulton County votes totalling 16,620 (76%). Democrat Nick Rubando received 5,319 votes (24%) in Fulton County, according to unofficial results from the Fulton County Board of Elections.

In his effort to get people back to work after the hits to the economy, Latta cited the Paycheck Protection Plan for businesses that may have done the most.

“We’re right back to where we were earlier this year. We have so many companies hiring they can’t find employees right now. It’s good to see companies hiring and people are back to work,” he said.

He is also a proponent of technology support, particularly with communications. He serves as the ranking Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee.

“Also what I have been working on for years with rural broadband and making sure to get it across the country and talking about what we have done with broadband so far on the telehealth and tele-education side,” Latta said. “With people working from home and for school, it’s important that we get these things done. Those are things that when I talk to people, they are really, really concerned about.”

He also talked about the long days of working with his staff on constituent problems. He has tracked all of the meetings he’s had in his seven terms and there have now been more than 1,200.

“We always have the veterans, Social Security and you name it, we’re there to help people across the district,” Latta said. “But first of all I would like to thank the voters for electing me again to Congress. It is the greatest honor I will have in my life and to be able to represent them and serve them is my top priority.

“Across the district we have done very well.”


By Roger LaPointe