Congestion expected on Central Avenue due to project

The Central Avenue/I-475 interchange was chosen to receive recessed wet reflective pavement markings as part of a pilot project for the state of Ohio. The wet reflective pavement markings are intended to improve the level of retroreflectivity during night and/or wet conditions, which typically make it harder to see the pavement markings.

While ODOT is excited for these improved pavement markings, there will be traffic impacts to install them.

This work has temperature requirements, so it cannot be installed overnight. The work will require about three days’ worth of daytime work, beginning Sunday. One lane of Central Avenue in each direction will be maintained across the bridge at all times. However, depending on the phasing, the left turn lanes (Central Ave. and the ramps) and left through lane or the right turn lanes (Central Ave. and the ramps) and right through lane could be closed.

ODOT expects congestion and it is recommend drivers seek an alternate route or give themselves plenty of time to get through here.