Health care reform is focus for Rubando

By Roger LaPointe -



Health care, economic recovery and cleaning up the influence of money in politics are the primary issues for Nick Rubando, who is running as the Democratic party’s nominee for the Fifth Congressional District.

“Our main issues are very similar to what they were in the primary. I think the things that were a problem then are still a problem now and we still need these things changed in Washington,” Rubando said. “First and foremost, ensuring that we have adequate health care. Ensuring that health care is a human right.”

Rubando saw his mother’s struggle to afford insurance after she developed a medical insurance company defined pre-existing condition. That was when he decided to get involved in politics.

Rubando grew up in Holland. He began his political career while studying journalism at Indiana University and worked as a student volunteer on the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

“We want to not only protect the Affordable Care Act but ensure that we can offer a single-payer universal healthcare system that would eliminate co-pays and eliminate premiums and drastically drive down the cost of prescription drugs. I think it’s time that we join almost every other industrialized nation in the world and value patients over profits,” Rubando said.

He believes that it affects people in rural areas the most, because it may be more than an hour drive to see a doctor, which could translate into a lost day of work, as well as a co-pay.

Building an economic recovery that addresses some of the many issues that became more obvious because of the pandemic is the second issue area Rubando has focused on.

“We really need to focus in on our economic recovery. I want to do that by investing in infrastructure spending, by starting a national infrastructure bank. We can ensure that we are creating 25 million new green jobs by investing in infrastructure,” he said.

His list of items that would be included are green transportation, green energy, new schools, universal broadband internet and hospitals. His plan would accomplish those goals without any new national debt or new national taxes.

“This is not just an environmental opportunity, but a vast economic opportunity. We have an opportunity for generations to come, not just for the environment, but also to offer new jobs,” Rubando said.

He also has a number of ideas for removing the influence of corporate money from political campaigns. One of those ideas he believes has bipartisan support in congress is the institution of term limits. However, he would go further.

“Third and finally, I want to ensure that we get big money out of politics. I want to overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional amendment and I want to ensure that people in Washington cannot accept corporate PAC money from the corporations they are supposed to be regulating. Ultimately, I would like to move to publicly financed elections.”


By Roger LaPointe