Common Pleas Court

Shininger Inc., Delta, vs. Nathan Woodring, Swanton, other civil.

Directions Credit Union, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Scott Secory, Swanton, other civil.

Matthew C. Salkowski, Fayette, vs. ARC Kecy LLC, Hudson, Mich., worker’s compensation.

Bank of America, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Jean A. Guhl, Wauseon, other civil.

Bank of America, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Elise Kretz, Wauseon, other civil.

Bank of America, Columbus, Ohio, vs. Jean Guhl, Wauseon, other civil.

Amanda L. Wagner, Fayette, vs. William J. Wagner II, West Unity, termination of marriage without children.

Ashley N. Werner, Swanton, vs. Donald S. Huff, Judsonia, Ark., non-support of dependents.

LM Insurance Co., Los Angeles, Calif., vs. Springfield Enterprises, Inc., Harlan, Ind., other civil.

Village of Swanton, Swanton, vs. Mark Koback, Swanton, other civil.

Jeremy D. Neifer, Fayette, vs. Renee O. Carvalho-Neifer, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Donald Bird, Fayette, vs. Brandy Bird, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Stephen B. Ramos, 28, Delta, package handler, and Cori L. York, 28, Delta, physical therapist.

Allen J. Garbers, 25, Delta, production worker, and Samantha R. Herter, 26, Delta, homemaker.

Kaleb J. Calhoun, 28, Dunkirk, Ind., manager, and Shannon G. Neuenschwander, 23, Archbold, manager.

Michael K. Pile, 24, Wauseon, manufacturing, Brittni A. Stacy, 28, Wauseon, manufacturing.

Daniel A. Pedro-Contreras, 34, Fayette, farm maternity, and Maribel Navez-Alvarado, 20, Fayette, farm help.

Chase A. Reynolds, 22, Wauseon, industrial painter, and Courtney B. Roth, 25, Wauseon, e-commerce specialist.

Real Estate Transfers

Franklin D. and Easter M. Adkins to Tiffany Krueger, 5250 County Road H, Delta, $74,900.

Kevin J. and Cathy M. Olszewski to David and Debra K. Robinson, 6214 County Road 1-1, Swanton, $95,000.

Kenneth A. and Janet M. Buck to Brett and Renee Bardwell, 107 Browning Road, Swanton, $249,900.

Richard D. Jr. and Heather A. Rankin to Katie Wiese, 105 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $244,900.

Wilson Stetson to Jennifer Herman, 305 College St., Fayette, $125,000.

Paulino Bernal Jr. to Mark K. and Amy Mahlman, 217 E. Chestnut St., Wauseon, $132,000.

Brent P. and Barbara J. Gibson to Paulino Jr. and Jessica L. Bernal, 709 Burr Road, Wauseon, $239,000.

William D. and Elaine A. Bierie to Eric L. and Chelsea A. Hoskinson, 2650 County Road F, Swanton, $385,000.

Cherlynn K. Spiess to Saul A. and Paige C. Triana, 23599 County Road S, Fayette, $260,000.

Joyce A. Plassman to Chad and Kristine M. Banister, 16330 County Road F, Wauseon, $10,000.

Steve Riegsecker and Stacy Barnes to Florencio Espinola Alvarado, 451 Cedar St., Wauseon, $142,000.

TD Properties LLC to Steven and Tracie Boellner, 205 W. Morenci St., Lyons, $34,000.

Barbara E. Lichtenwald, successor trustee, to Roger L. and Karen R. Pfund, 26 Hawthorne Drive, Delta, $195,000.

Julie A. Miller and Malissa D. Schultz to Timothy M. Ellithorpe and Alison N. Nutter, 508 Adrian St., Delta, $165,000.

Thomas H. and Jodi L. Gerken to Rupp Contracting LLC, Miller Avenue, Archbold, $26,000.

John M. Buerke to Matthew R. Heinemann and Stephani Bunce, 1 Glacier Lane, Delta, $172,000.

Tamara L. Sprow and Teri J. Fraker to Michael E. Evans, 328 North Pointe Drive, Archbold, $380,000.

Michael D. Evans to Michael L. and Lisa M. Wilson, 204 Sylvanus St., Archbold, $285,000.