Extension presenting email challenge

It seems everyone has been spending so much time with technology, worrying about online school or staying healthy, that it’s been hard to make time for play, wellness, and celebrations.

Educators with the Ohio State University Extension are ready to help. Join the fall email challenge and explore how to take a deserved break. This award-winning email challenge connects participants with six weeks of tips, research, and resources to help take more breaks and make the most of them.

In mid-October, all participants will receive a pre-challenge message. They will then receive twice-weekly emails from Oct. 19 to Nov. 25. Participants will have access to a tracking log and optional resources available on the Ohio State University Extension Live Healthy Live Well Blog and Facebook pages.

Visit go.osu.edu/NWOhioFall2020 to register.For additional information, contact Melissa Rupp, Extension educator, at Rupp.26@osu.edu or call 419-337-9210.

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