BGSU students hosting parties may be expelled

Bowling Green State University students who gather in groups of more than 10 and attend large parties could be expelled or suspended.

In a letter to students, parents and alumni last week, President Rodney Roger said that citations, not warnings, will be issued to those responsible for organizing and/or hosting these large gatherings and parties that violate city ordinances and/or university policies.

“Those students and student groups such as student organizations, clubs and athletic teams, involved will be held accountable through the Student Code of Conduct process, potentially leading to suspension and expulsion from the university,” Rogers wrote.

“Participation in conduct that unnecessarily disturbs others and disregards their health and safety, or the violation of local, state or federal laws or other university policies, will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension and expulsion from the university.”

Both City of Bowling Green and BGSU Police departments are increasing their efforts to respond to and monitor off-campus and on-campus large gatherings and parties, he said.

“We all know that large indoor and outdoor gatherings, without face coverings, where physical distancing cannot be achieved, lead to significant community spread of COVID-19. Those participating are compromising the public health of our community and the education of all of our students. Your actions, both individually and collectively, will determine the course of this semester,” Rogers said.

“This global pandemic is not forever, and we need you to be diligent and committed to combating this virus. Thirteen weeks – we are in this together.”