SWCDs offering Jr. Conservationist program

The Northwest Ohio Soil & Water Conservation Districts are offering a free at-home Do-It-Yourself Jr. Conservationist summer program.

The soon-to-be Jr. Conservationist will have fun learning about soil, water, plants, animals, community, and nature exploration by completing the required number of activities in each category and submitting photos doing the activities or photos of the completed projects by Friday, Aug. 28. Photos will be sent to your local County SWCD contact, who will send you a welcome message once you register.

Upon completion of the program and received photos, you will be sent a certificate for free; and if you would also like a Jr. Conservationist t-shirt for $10 (unless sponsored for free by your local SWCD), it will be invoiced and available for pick up at your SWCD office. If you don’t wish to register or receive a t-shirt and certificate, you can still enjoy the activities on your own for free.

For more details visit www.lucasswcd.org/jrcc.html.