Leaders discuss Swanton area fire levies

Staff Report

Discussion continued last week on the topic of fire levies in the Swanton area. A joint public meeting of the Village of Swanton, Fulton Township, and Swancreek Township was held Thursday at the Swanton Fire Station with a general discussion over the current fire levies.

The topic of village residents paying both village and township taxes for fire service has been discussed for years. Village of Swanton residents in Fulton County currently pay taxes to the village and to either Swancreek or Fulton township, since they are technically residents of both.

Each entity has taxing authority and each entity levies for a tax on fire service.The overlapping tax districts mean that those in the village limits pay more for fire service than those outside the limits.

Discussion Thursday centered on each township reviewing a plan to place a levy on the ballot in their respective districts and, if successful, the Village of Swanton would rescind collection on the levy within the village.

If placed on the ballot and approved in both townships, the village would still be contributing toward fire service expenditures, according to Swanton’s Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle. It would be through income tax revenue.

Further, discussion centered on contract language regarding terms and condition of the proposed structure.

If each entity agrees to the plan, Hoelzle said she would recommend public information sessions to lay out the current structure and the proposed plan, as it is a complex issue.

Staff Report