Goats and “Udder” Things to meet in person

Goats and “Udder” Things recently held the last online Zoom meeting for the year. On July 12 the club will start meeting in person. Social distancing will be practiced at these in person meetings.

July 12 is also the quality assurance for the club and will follow shortly after the meetings. The club is ordering masks as masks are needed and great memorabilia to remember this year. Our club is happy to announce that one of our members is an ambassador for Fulton County 4-H. Congratulations to our secretary, Leah Mishka, who is the 2020 Dog Ambassador.

Goats and “Udder” Things has served the community in many ways while keeping safe. The club put flags in Greenlawn Cemetery for Memorial Day, and planted flowers at Evergreen library. Community service hours are still required for this year so, keep track of your community service. Demos are still required and can be done at the clinics, in person meetings, and can be recorded. Club members still have to attend 5 meetings to be able to count this year. Still projects will be judged on Zoom for this year.

The club is doing many clinics to start preparing for fair. Goat clinics and poultry clinics will be coming soon. Rabbit clinics are starting on July 7 for first- and second-year members and the 9th is the first meeting for everyone. These rabbit clinics will be held at the advisor’s house and social distancing will be practiced. Fair will be very different this year, but the club is adapting and learning how to get through this hard year.

Arielle Bernal, News Reporter