SPL kicks off Summer Reading program

The Swanton Public Library has announced its Summer Reading Programs for this year.

This year’s programs can be done entirely online at www.swantonpubliclibrary.org/summer-reading-program if desired. Links to all age groups are available on that page.

For preschool age children to those that just completed fourth grade, the goal is to read for 500 minutes between June 22 and July 31 – that’s only about 13 minutes a day. Children 3 and under can sign up with their guardians to read for 250 minutes together instead.

Winners will get prizes and their names entered in the Grand Prize drawings.

Those who just completed 5th through 12th grades also have a goal of 500 minutes.

The Summer Reading Program for adults is based on how many titles you read each week. Every week library staff will draw from all the titles read the previous week for a chance at one of three $10 gift cards. Everyone who finishes at least one title will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing at the end of July.

Summer readers can also play bingo. To win, do at least 16 of the 20 activities from the activity card. Participants can also keep track of Bingo activities online. For those that prefer an entry form, bingo cards can also be picked up by the front door or downloaded from the library’s website.

Children ages 3 and under have a different set of activities to complete. Winners will get prizes and their names entered in the Grand Prize drawings.

SPL’s Summer Scavenger Hunt comes in three parts, all of which can be done around Swanton. Do the Scavenger Hunt as part of Summer Reading Bingo or as its own activity.

Participants in the Scavenger Hunt get certificates from Burger King and an entry into a prize drawing for a Movie Night Pack (2 DVDs, popcorn, candy, sodas, and more). Work in teams or by yourself, it’s up to you. The Scavenger Hunt is for all ages.

For more information call 419-826-2760, visit the library’s website at www.swantonpubliclibrary.org or visit the library at 305 Chestnut St. in Swanton.