SWCD selling trees, plants

Staff report

The Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District is once again sponsoring its annual tree and plant sale. A wide variety of trees and other plant materials are available.

These materials are provided at a low cost to encourage landowners to increase their use of windbreak and wildlife plantings, and the varieties offered have been chosen because of their usefulness for these purposes. They may be purchased by anyone and planted anywhere without restrictions.

These are bare root stock, which is the most economical way to purchase plants. Most tree seedlings are three years old and range in size from 12-24 inches, depending upon which species is ordered. The staff at Fulton SWCD can assist with information to help make wise selections. They can also help select trees for individual soil types, show how to plant seedlings, and advise on which varieties attract wildlife, as well as other tips.

Deadline for ordering plants is March 25. Pick-up dates are April 8-9 at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Tree brochures have recently been mailed.

To get an order form, visit the office at the Robert Fulton Agriculture Center across from the fairgrounds, call the office at 419-337-9217 to have one mailed, e-mail [email protected], or download an order form at swcd.fultoncountyoh.com.

SWCD is also selling fully-assembled houses for bluebirds, house wrens, and bats, and cedar bird and squirrel feeders. For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it offers free building plans.

These items for sale are on display at the Robert Fulton Building at 8770 State Route 108, across from the fairgrounds. They can also be seen at swcd.fultoncountyoh.com. Click on “District Services” and “Items for Sale.”

It is extremely important to clean out any nest debris left over from last year’s residents. Birds like to start new each year and rebuild their nests. Now is the time of year to install new houses for the birds returning from the South. New houses should be mounted by the middle of March so that any early arrivals will have your houses to choose from.

Staff report