Penta gets a facelift while the students are gone

By Marie Thomas-Baird - [email protected]

PERRYSBURG – Work continues of the exterior preservation of Penta Career Center.

The center, which opened at its Buck Road location in 2008, is undergoing work on its facade.

“In a facility of this size and of such a large investment by our taxpayers, it is critical that it be maintained in order for it to serve our students and the community for a very long time,” said Treasurer Carrie Herringshaw. “The building is a huge asset and the administration and the board are taking steps to ensure this stays in the best condition at all times.”

The board met for its monthly meeting April 15 and heard an update on the work from Kevin Baker, operations supervisor.

The meeting was held virtually to adhere to the “stay at home” guidelines due to coronavirus.

Cleaning the exterior has started, Baker said. A benefit has been not having people in the way, he added.

One hiccup has been the ledges under the windows that have an aluminum edge which it is pitching back toward the windows and collecting water.

It is settling on the masonry work, which is wearing out the caulk that is there to keep the water from entering the building, he said.

“They brought it to my attention,” Baker said. “I kind of knew it was there but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.”

The fix is a new window ledge over top of the existing ledge, with the addition of metal across the front and new flashing that is pitched away from the window.

The board approved a change order to modify the existing ledges on all windows in Phase 1 of the project, which is the east wing.

The change order of $59,794 will account for approximately 3,000 linear feet of new window ledge.

That will cover the front two stories of the east wing and the back side only.

“We don’t have any notification it’s leaking in the building at those parts,” Baker said. “There could be some water getting (in the building) we can’t see. …”

“This entire project was to ensure that all of the caulk, all of the sealant, was being addressed and taken care of,” said Superintendent Ed Ewers.

The windows are the next logical spot to look at when weatherizing the building, he said.

“It’s an extension of the original project.”

“Just like the main project has multiple phases, this addressing of the windows and the sills will also be a multi-phase approach as they move around the building,” Baker said.

The center is currently in Phase 1 of a three-phase project that will conclude in 2022. The plan is to do the work over the summer, but an early start happened this year with the closing of school.

The board in January approved contracting with Garland/DBS to for Phase 1 of the restoration project for a cost of $417,816.

The work includes removing and replacing all window sealant, removing and replacing all door frame sealant, and patching all damaged masonry. The list also includes work to joint materials and metal panels.

The same work will be done in Phase 2, which is the west wing, in 2021; and Phase 3, which is the south wing, in 2022.

By Marie Thomas-Baird

[email protected]