Ag drainage school convening

The Ohio State University, in connection with Fulton County Soil and Water Conservation District and Fulton County OSU Extension, will hold Overholt Drainage School the week of March 14-18. Educators in agricultural drainage from across the Midwest will be present to put on a training for contractors, technicians, and engineers from around the world.

The drainage school focuses on agricultural drainage, and within that category many of the topics will take an approach to conservation and resource management. The topics will range from the environmental impacts of drainage systems to subsurface irrigation. The sessions will also include discussions on water control structures, wood-chip bioreactors, and phosphorus filters. These practices work to hold back excess water, nitrogen, and phosphorus respectively.

Other topics will include subsurface irrigation and the water conservation that it offers in comparison to traditional center pivot irrigation systems. Many of the sessions are connected to benefiting water quality while maintaining crop yields.

For more information, contact Mike Boff at 419-782-1794 or Pete Carr at 419-337-9217.