Courthouse News

Western District Court

Brittany Siler, Swanton, speeding, $37 plus costs.

Michael S. Wells, Swanton, failure to yield, $90 plus costs.

Lucille Ames, Delta, improper right turn, $102 plus costs.

Virgil L. Hall, Delta, speeding, $37 plus costs.

Brent N. Cray, Swanton, speeding, $37 plus costs.

Chelsea Mae Taylor, Delta, right of way turning left, $102 plus costs.

Marriage Licenses

Paul F. Szkudlarek, 73, Delta, retired, and Marilyn E. Powless, 83, Swanton, housewife.

Real Estate Transfers

Rocco Hogrefe, trustee, to James E. and Connie M. Schlatter, trustees, State Highway 109, Delta, $286,345.

The Roach Group LTD to NRI Real Estate Holding Inc., 6401 Rogers St., Delta, $2,676,000.

Unity Adjustment Services to St. Anne’s Ltd., 419 Church St., Swanton, $40,000.

Dean l. Mishler to Gregory L. Ovall, 12403 Evergreen Circle, Delta, $106,000.

Frubak Properties LLC to Heather Wegener Inc., 97 N. Main St., Swanton, $54,000.

Rocco Hogrefe, trustee, to Darrell L. and Shelly Mazur Ellinwood, 1032 State Highway 109, Delta, $209,066.

Jerry Vandesande to Roger and Lois J. Debacker, trustees etal, County Road 7, Metamora, $46,110.

Lanc Properties LLC to D J Buckeye Ltd., 301 Airport Hwy., Swanton, $279,000.

Robert C. and Adolfine H. Taylor to Anthony V. Urban, 6202 County Road 1-1, Swanton, $103,000.