PUCO extends winter reconnect

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has extended its winter reconnect order through May 1.

The Winter Reconnect Order helps Ohioans reconnect or maintain electric and natural gas service during the heating season.

Additionally, due to the declared state of emergency, PUCO-regulated utilities will review their policies and identify where it may be prudent to suspend, for the duration of the emergency, any policies that would impose a service restoration hardship or create an unnecessary risk of human contact. The commission also encouraged those utilities not regulated by PUCO to implement similar procedures.

The commission also directed utilities to coordinate and communicate with local community action agencies and other community-based organizations to ensure that utility service to customers is maintained during the state of emergency

The order does not eliminate any payment obligations. Such obligations may be deferred based upon future filings made by the utility or stakeholder proposals.

Utility customers who have questions or concerns regarding their utility service are encouraged to contact the PUCO online at PUCO.ohio.gov/contact-us.