Gypsy moth suppression in Swanton deemed success

By Roger DeGood

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has indicated that the spring 2019 aerial spraying of the northeast heavily wooded quadrant of Swanton was successful in suppressing a gypsy moth infestation in the area.

In a post application survey of the 107 acres sprayed, egg cases observed were reduced from 413 per acre to 40 per acre showing an over 90% reduction. The Department of Agriculture considers any reduction over 80% an indication of a successful suppression.

The spray used consisted of a biological fungus that grows naturally in the soils and attacks only the gypsy moth larvae. The 2019 success, over the previous years application was a result of more favorable weather conditions and ground moisture at the time of application.

This was a suppression rather than an eradication effort.

As the Village is located in a generally infected area, residents should remain observant and monitor conditions on their properties. An easy way to do this is to tie bands of burlap around trees at four feet above grade starting in April and inspect daily. If large quantities of larvae are discovered, contact Dave Adkins, Ag Inspection Manager/Plant Pest Control Section at 614-387-0907 or email at

By Roger DeGood