Pine management leads to park closures

Metroparks Toledo will contract with a company to harvest and sell timber from dead and collapsing pine trees in Oak Openings Preserve to prevent safety hazards and continue efforts to restore one of Ohio’s unique natural regions.

The project began this month, and will continue through the winter, when the frozen ground will protect the landscape. During that time, some trails will be closed for safety.

The Evergreen Lake Area is closed for the duration of the project, but will be open when conditions are favorable for skiing, so cross-country skiers can access the ski trail.

The Board of Park Commissioners last year approved the sale of pine timber from about 50 acres in the preserve to Roger Perkins Logging of Chillicothe, Ohio. The costs are $6 per ton for pine pulpwood, $10 per ton for pine saw timbers, and $3 a ton for softwood timber. Perkins was the only bidder. Work began last winter and is now resuming.

Proceeds from the sale of timber will be applied to the cost of restoring these natural areas, including stump removal.