Offender program revamped

Fulton County Job and Family Services is revamping its second chance resource program for persons who have recently been incarcerated and released.

The new program, “Re-entry Connection,” formerly known as “Beyond the Offense,” will focus on one-on-one meetings with a trained facilitator from Job and Family Services.

“After review of the program for the past year, we feel that we can be most effective in a one-on-one, confidential and personal setting,” said Linda Fisher, program coordinator. She said she has built great relationships with organizations who are ready to help offenders and their family members with barriers they may have transitioning after their release.

“I’m looking forward to building off the success we’ve already had with the program,” she said.

Forty-one percent of individuals who participated in the program have found employment, with the remaining continuing to seek employment while working on resume skills. Barriers they may face when they are released from incarceration are lack of transportation, financial difficulties, absence of a diploma, job seeking skills, mental health, and substance abuse.

For more information about accessing the program, contact Fisher at 419-337-0010, ext. 1842 or email at [email protected].