St. Richard School announces honors

St. Richard School in Swanton has announced its first trimester honors.

Second Grade, First Honors- Max Kennedy and Nolan Koder.

Second Grade, Second Honors- Landon Hogan.

Third Grade, Second Honors- Chasity Loomis-Kah, Maci Smigelski, Makennah Schuchman, and Troy Walborn.

Fourth Grade, First Honors- Lillie Stuart and Camden Smith.

Fourth Grade, Second Honors- Grant Doerfler, Caden Laney and Peyton Kennedy.

Fifth Grade, First Honors- Drew Koder and Evan Reinhard.

Fifth Grade, Second Honors- Dominick Nichols-Eich, Lincoln Stuart, Jase Smigelski, and Gigi Gibbons.

Sixth Grade, Second Honors- Joshua Holtz, Audrey Robinson and Gabby Walborn.

Seventh Grade, First Honors- Logan Tunison.

Seventh Grade, Second Honors- Wyatt Gibbons and Gavin Doerfler.

Eighth Grade, First Honors- Steven Cooper, Jude Gibbons, Liz Holtz, Cara Keaton, Courtney Kennedy, and Luke Reinhard.

Eighth Grade, Second Honors- Jesse Rittichier and Gabby Vargas.

Principal’s Award

Second Grade- Landon Hogan and Nolan Koder; Fifth Grade- Drew Koder and Evan Reinhard; Seventh Grade- Logan Tunison; Eighth Grade- Cara Keaton and Gabby Vargas.

Perfect Attendance

Second Grade- Max Kennedy and Luke Newberry; Third Grade- Thomas Casier and Lucy Horak; Fourth Grade- Lillie Stuart; Fifth Grade- Lincoln Stuart; Eighth Grade- Cara Keaton.