Common Pleas Court

Village of Swanton, Swanton, vs. Aaron C. Zenz, Delta, other civil.

Ronald R. Rouleau, Delta, vs. Swancreek Township Board of Trustees, Delta, other civil.

Erin L. Williams, Delta, vs. Joel L. Williams, Delta, termination of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

Eric S. Walter, 31, Delta, mechanic, and Taylor M. Mitchey, 26, Delta, manager.

Bryan R. Zimmerman, 35, Metamora, service technician, and Sarah M. Spoerl, 32, Metamora, branch manager.

Real Estate Transfers

Harpring Consulting LLC to Ricardo Gutierrez Valadez and Mary Nieto, 201 Palmwood Ave., Delta, $114,900.

Robert W. Czajka to Andrew and Brittany Frost, 1709 County Road EF, Swanton, $42,500.

Reno R. King to Randy J. Raab, 10683 County Road 4, Swanton, $117,000.

Cheryl L. Evans, successor trustee, to Paul W. and Vicki L. Barnes, trustees, County Road U, Metamora, $18,300.

Christina Underwood to Steven W. and Linda R. Bechstein, 204 Wood St., Delta, $60,000.

Justin N. Serr to Jason A. and Julie A. Lee, 1580 County Road L, Swanton, $470,000.

Robert J. and Carol Z. Willson, trustees, to Marjorie A. Shininger, County Road 5, Delta, $444,889.

Eric L. and Jessica S. Demaline to Dean A. Druschel Jr., 7 Glacier, Delta, $220,000.

Dean A, Druschel Jr. to David E. Harrison, 123 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $252,900.

Big House Construction LLC to Alan and Janet Bonifas, 30 Crabtree Court, Swanton, $257,000.

Eric D. Bahus, successor trustee, to Austin M. Fleck, 2085 County Road H, Swanton, $80,000.

Samuel P. Wesche to Britton and Joanne Brainard, 308 Lincoln St., Swanton, $114,000.

Jamey Kerstetter to Holly L. Coop, 120 Oak St., Swanton, $135,000.

Roach Enterprises Ltd. to Andrew P. Corser, 306 Hidden Ridge Drive, Delta, $118,000.

Robin R. Thebeau to Adam J. Barr and Emily T. LaFountain, 217 Hickory St., Swanton, $145,000.

Roach Enterprises of Ohio Ltd. to Marisa L. Augustyniak, 316 Crabtree Lane, Delta, $125,800.