Downtown Swanton building to be razed

Staff Report

A section of downtown Swanton just north of the railroad tracks is slated for demolition this week. The building at 91 and 93 N. Main Street is expected to come down by Friday, according to Deacon Dzierzawski, who recently purchased the building.

He said it is being razed because it is falling down onto the Epiphany Community Services building next door.

They will add onto the Ephiphany Community Services building, with construction expected to begin in the spring. It is not yet known how large the addition will be. The company is also expected to add four or five new employees in the next year or two, according to Dzierzawski.

The 93 N. Main St. section was most recently used as a restaurant but had been empty for years. The upstairs had previously been used by the Knights of Pythias. The corner closest to the tracks was a beauty salon, until Dzierzawski and Heather Wegener closed on the building.

The building being razed would have cost $300,000 to restore. “It’s cost prohibitive to save the building,” he said.

Staff Report