Toeppe unseats incumbent mayor

Wilson, Schroeder win township races

By Drew Stambaugh -

Gary Schroeder

There will be a new mayor in Swanton next year, as Neil Toeppe beat out incumbent Ann Roth in the Nov. 5 general election.

Toeppe, the Swanton Area Chamber of Commerce president, topped Roth 432-373. He had more votes in both Swanton precincts in Fulton County and the Lucas County precinct.

“Whether you voted for the mayor or for me I would like to thank all those who participated in the election,” said Toeppe.

He plans on remaining with the Chamber of Commerce, where he would be starting his 17th year in 2020.

Toeppe has laid out ideas that he would like to put into action once he begins as mayor.

“The mayor pointed out many of the projects completed, in process and planned that will benefit the village. I commend the administration, village council and the mayor in these efforts,” Toeppe said. “I want to build on those and add another element. And that is to consider, in all planned and future projects, how they will positively impact growing the tax base and economic development.”

He plans on proposing to council and the administration the formation of an Economic Development Advisory Board.

“Their purpose will be to review village ordinances, regulations and codes and to recommend to council any changes that will have a positive impact on village residents and growing the tax base and economic development,” said Toeppe. “I suspect this will laborious and time consuming. This may include revising existing ordinances, etc., eliminating outdated or unnecessary ordinances, etc., or proposing new ordinances, etc. It will be up to Village Council to take action on any proposals from this Advisory Board.”

Toeppe will also propose that the village budget include a line item for economic development.

“I would like to thank all those who voted and ask you to join me in this effort to move Swanton even further forward,” he added.

Delta and Metamora will also have new mayors. Bob Gilbert ran unopposed for the Delta seat being vacated by Dan Miller. Richard Sauerlender ran unopposed for the Metamora mayoral seat, replacing Kenneth Wysong.

Delta, and Metamora had contested council races.

With three spots on the line in Delta, Lynn Frank had 352 votes, Chad Johnson 301, and Tony Dawson 271. Art Thomas had 217, and write-in candidate Chris Bauer had 17 votes, with 92 other write-in votes not yet accounted for.

In Metamora, John G. Hudik was first in the race for two seats with 60 votes, followed by Karon Lane with 53 and Lynda Arquette with 40.

In Swanton, incumbent Dianne Westhoven had 623 votes, and write-in candidate David J. Pilliod had 38, as of Wednesday morning. They will begin new terms in January.


Gene Wilson unseated incumbent Phil Wiland in Swancreek Township by a vote of 880-484. Wiland has served a total of 16 years as a trustee, while Wilson is a political newcomer.

Wilson won in every precinct, with his biggest margins coming in the Swanton Swancreek and Swancreek East 1 precincts where he garnered over 70% of the vote. He had just one more vote than Wiland in the Swancreek Liberty Center precinct.

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for me,” said Wilson. “It’s a great honor for me to see all the people that showed up to help support me, truly a great honor to be able to represent the residents of Swancreek Township.”

Wilson said he is ready to get to work right away when his term starts in the new year.

“I would like to dive right in and put forth all the concerns that the people voiced to me throughout my campaign,” he said. “At the forefront is our drainage systems, mosquito control, being frugal with our tax dollars, working with our zoning officials to help create an easier way for the people to understand our zoning rules and regulations, our township roads, and putting together our social media presence.”

In Swanton Township, the incumbent fought off a challenge. Gary Shroeder defeated Jeff Powers 372-280 to remain a trustee.

“My re-election, as trustee, is an indication the residents of Swanton Township are supportive of the path the Board of Trustees are taking. We are encouraged by their actions and will continue the process,” said Schroeder.

John Dean Anderson looks to have won a three-way race for Spencer Township Trustee. He had 171 votes, Anthony Bettinger had 134 and D. Hilarion Smith 49.

Scott Gillen ran unopposed in Fulton Township, receiving 468 votes. Larry J. Buckenmeyer ran unopposed in Harding Township with 91 votes.

The area fiscal officer races were unopposed. Rebecca P. Henderly won in Harding Township, Dawn E. McDonald in Spencer Township, Peggy Michael in Swanton Township, Julie Szabo in Fulton Township, and Jo M. Stultz in Swancreek Township.

School boards

School board races in the area were uncontested.

In Swanton, incumbent David Smith had 1,136 votes and newcomer Ben Remer 1,093, with two spots open. For Evergreen, Nora E. Kiefer had 601 votes, and Zachary Murry 577 in a race for two spots.

Two spots were open in Pike-Delta-York, with Alice M. Simon getting 860 votes and Tammy Sprow 843.

Gary Schroeder Schroeder
Wilson, Schroeder win township races

By Drew Stambaugh