Commissioners adopt 2016 budget

Staff report

The Fulton County Commissioners formally adopted total county appropriations of $52.1 millon for 2016, with approval based on projections of estimated revenue, carryover balance, and anticipated expenditures.

Adopted at the board’s Dec. 22 meeting, the following figures describe fiscal year 2016 appropriations for the general fund of Fulton County: Actual revenue, $13 million; appropriations $13.05 million, a slight increase; actual expenditures, $11,8 million for Fiscal Year 2015; carryover balance for the general fund, approximately $6.5 million.

“The board has worked diligently to balance this budget within current revenue,” said County Administrator Vond Hall. “However, same as in years past, there is no foreseeable increase in revenue and certain expenses. Employee health insurance and the cost of jail bed space continue to outpace the rate of inflation.”

Hall said the board will continue working with elected officials and department heads “to find new and creative ways to reduce cost without decreasing the quality of services to our citizens. Throughout 2016, we will challenge our management teams to consolidate certain county services while maximizing every tax dollar entrusted to us.”

Revenues are primarily derived from general property taxes, local sales taxes, and license and permit fees, as well as revenues received from the state. Hall said a significant part of general fund revenues is used to maintain and operate the general government; however, a portion is also transferred to other funds, principally to fund debt service requirements and capital projects. Expenditures include, among other things, those for general government, education, public safety, and social services.

The appropriation process is the second step in the county’s budgeting process, and allows elected officials and department heads to proceed with their operational spending plans in the new year. The first step was the adoption of the tax budget in July 2015.

Staff report