Schools could receive pipeline revenue in ‘20

Fulton County and its entities are due for paydays next year by two pipeline companies, but the amount received could still change.

In 2020, Texas-based Energy Transfer Partner’s Rover Pipeline is currently expected to pay the county an estimated $7,218,825.84 in public utility personal property tax revenue, and NEXUS Gas Transmission, a product of Texas-based Spectra Energy Partners and Michigan-based DTE Energy, is currently expected to pay an estimated $6,769,145.87 in the same. In both cases, the pipeline money from both pipelines will be divvied up between the county and its school districts, health district, townships, and libraries.

The total estimates of both the Rover and NEXUS 2020 revenue shares for Fulton County are appealable by the companies through Dec. 6, meaning the numbers could drop.

The current estimated revenue payment breakdowns include:

Rover: Fulton County – $1,427,014.55; School districts – Archbold, $1,614,383.38; Evergreen, $1,323,804.13; Fayette, $488,377.44; Pettisville, 1,155,487.02; Wauseon, $50,460.70; Four County JVS, $407,718.44; Townships – Chesterfield, $212,537.36; Dover, $4,910.76; Franklin, $77,231.11; German, $256,980.58; Four County Health District – $135,906.15; Libraries – Archbold, $44,199.41; Evergreen, $12,144.99; Fayette, $6,414.77; Wauseon, $1,254.97.

NEXUS: Fulton County – $1,309, 386.18; School districts – Evergreen, $2,135,022.68; Pike-Delta-York, $573,139.18; Liberty Center, $647,312.28; Swanton, $1,039,685.97; Four County JVS, $301,694.40; Penta County JVS, $55,174.05; Townships – Amboy, $123,409.90; Amboy, including Metamora, $21,224.67; Village of Metamora, $27,132.56; Fulton, $140,853.65; Swancreek, $188,495.76; Four County Health District – $124,703.45; Libraries – Evergreen, $19,587.36; Delta, $19,252.24; Liberty Center, $17,208.71; Swanton, $25,862,84.

The Swanton Local School District has not yet incorporated any of the potential revenue into its financial forecast.

“For the Five Year Forecast being submitted to the Swanton Local Board of Education for approval on 11/13 board meeting, there is no increase included for the NEXUS Pipeline,” said Joyce Kinsman, Swanton treasurer. “At this time, the district has not received any formal information from the Fulton County Auditor on what should be anticipated.”

At the Oct. 16, the Board of Education discussed that Kinsman and Superintendent Chris Lake were developing a recommendation about transferring any signifcant increase in taxes from the pipeline into the permanent improvement fund for long term capital improvements within the district.

“It was also discussed that once this amount is known and received, then the District’s Five Year Forecast will be updated to show this amount,” said Kinsman.

Earlier this year, over $3.25 million in public utility personal property tax revenue from the Rover pipeline was received to divide between the county and the appropriate entities. None was received from NEXUS.

The $4.2 billion Rover pipeline transports 3.25 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from Pennsylvania to its destination in Ontario, Canada. Locally, the pipleline snakes through Chesterfield, Franklin, German, and Dover townships. It was the first pipeline to have a route through Fulton County approved.

The NEXUS pipeline, which travels through 208 miles of Ohio before entering Michigan and, eventually, a final stop at a hub in Ontario, includes 18 miles of pipeline west of County Road 3.

The NEXUS pipeline area west of Swanton, prior to completion. NEXUS pipeline area west of Swanton, prior to completion.


By David J. Coehrs



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