Winners at 2019 Fulton County Fair listed

Editor’s Note: This is the first of two parts highlighting fair winners. The second part will appear next week.

The following is a list of winners at the 2019 Fulton County Fair.

4-H Booth: Hoppin’ N Trottin’, Swanton, first place; Incredible Clovers, Delta, second place; Horse Hogs, Delta, third place; Elizabeth Beck, Pettisville, honorable mention; Roamin’ Country Raisers, Delta, Advisor’s Choice Booth Award.

Royalty: Elizabeth Mignin, Junior Fair Queen; Kaden Bergstedt, Junior Fair King.

Showman of Showmen: Rachel Hicks, Swanton, Small Animal Winner; Allison Herr, Metamora, Large Animal Winner.

Beef Breeding: Christina Norman, Wauseon, Showmanship, 16 & older; Allison Herr, Metamora, Showmanship 13-15; Caylee Sager, Fayette, Showmanship, 12; Scarlett Brehm, Fayette, Showmanship, 11 & under; Caylee Sager, Fayette, Grand Champion; Christina Norman, Wauseon, Reserve Champion.

Hogs: Kylie Banister, Wauseon, Sr. Showmanship 18 & older; Jaxsen Wentz, Fayette, Showmanship 17; Addisyn Bentley, Fayette, Showmanship 16; Karsen Pursel, Archbold, Showmanship 15; Kaleb Gigax, Archbold, Showmanship 14; Rayne Kinsman, Archbold, Showmanship 13; Ashlyn Ledyard, Wauseon, Showmanship 12; Cooper Stambaugh, Lyons, Showmanship 11; Zander Johnston, Fayette, Showmanship 10; Wyatt Bieber, Fayette, Showmanship 9; Addison Sharp, Delta, Showmanship 8; Maddie Thiel, Archbold, Gilt Grand Champion Light Weight Hog; Kylie Banister, Wauseon, Gilt Reserve Champion Light Weight Hog; Maddie Thiel, Archbold, Gilt Grand Champion Middle Weight Hog; Ava Genter, Archbold, Gilt Reserve Champion Middle Weight Hog; Adison Kinsman, Archbold, Gilt Champion Heavy Weight Hog; Karsen Pursel, Archbold, Gilt Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Hog; Evan Banister, Wauseon, Barrow Grand Champion Light Weight Hog; Rhys Ruger, Fayette, Barrow Reserve Champion Light Weight Hog; Cooper Stambaugh, Lyons, Barrow Grand Champion Middle Weight Hog; Rhys Ruger, Fayette, Barrow Reserve Champion Middle Weight Hog; Rayne Kinsman, Archbold, Barrow Champion Heavy Weight Hog; Addisyn Bentley, Fayette, Barrow Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Hog; Maddie Thiel, Archbold, Grand Champion Hog; Cooper Stambaugh, Lyons, Reserve Champion Hog.

Dairy Feeder Calves: Amberlyn Whitson, Archbold, Showmanship 17 & under; Jaden Banister, Wauseon, Showmanship 16; Kennedy Keller, Delta, Showmanship 14-15; Hannah Kovar, Fayette, Showmanship 13; Jace Beck, Archbold, Showmanship 10-12; Brody Beck, Archbold, Showmanship 9 & under; Hannah Kovar, Fayette, Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Calf; Jarett Rufenacht, Archbold, Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder Calf.

Beef Feeder Calves: Christina Norman, Wauseon, Showmanship 17 & older; Grace Schnitkey, Wauseon, Showmanship 16: Allison Herr, Metamora, Showmanship 14-15; Hannah Kovar, Fayette, Showmanship 13; Caylee Sager, Fayette, Showmanship 12; Reiss Creighton, Stryker, Showmanship 11; Creighton Aeschliman, Wauseon, Showmanship 10; Maebelle Rettle, Wauseon, Showmanship 9 & under; Christina Norman, Wauseon, Grand Champion Beef Feeder Calf; Aspen Brehm, Reserve Champion Beef Feeder Calf.

Dairy Steers: Amberlyn Whitson, Archbold, Dairy Steer Showmanship 14 & older; Titus Rufenacht, Archbold, Dairy Steer Showmanship 13 & under; Titus Rufenacht, Archbold, Grand Champion Dairy Steer; Chase Moats, Fayette, Reserve Champion Dairy Steer.

Beef Steers: Allison Herr, Metamora, Beef/Born & Raised Steer Showmanship 15 & older; Brayden Studenka, Lyons, Beef/Born & Raised Steer Showmanship 12-14; Bryce Bolger, Metamora, Beef/Born & Raised Steer Showmanship 11 & under; Jaden Banister, Wauseon, Slick Shorn Steer Winner; Bryce Bolger, Metamora, Grand Champion Beef Steer; Jenna Norman, Wauseon, Reserve Champion Beef Steer; Brayden Studenka, Lyons, Grand Champion Born & Raised Steer; Allison Herr, Metamora, Reserve Grand Champion Born & Raised Steer.

Rate of Gain Contest: Marisa Seiler, Wauseon, Grand Champion ROG Contest; Tyler Savage, Delta, Reserve Champion ROG Contest; Levi Seiler, Wauseon, third place steer; Cory Savage, Delta, fourth place steer; Hannah Kovar, Fayette, fifth place steer; Jessica McWatters, Wauseon, Grand Champion Carcass Contest; Hannah Kovar, Fayette, Reserve Champion Carcass Contest; Marissa Seiler, Wauseon, third place carcass; Tyler Savage, Delta, fourth place carcass; Levi Seiler, Wauseon, fifth place carcass.

Rabbits: Cassidy Vanerveer, Wauseon, Sr. Showmanship 17 & older; Austin Rearick, Wauseon, Showmanship 16; Brooke Vanderveer, Wauseon, Showmanship 15; Lydia Valentine , Swanton, Showmanship 14; Elise Hoylman, Pettisville, Showmanship 13; Sophie Sterken, Wauseon, Showmanship 12; Phoebe Oyer, Wauseon, Showmanship 11; Olivia Beck, Archbold, Showmanship 10; Hayden Merillat, Wauseon, Showmanship 9; Katelyn Liechty, Archbold, Showmanship 8; Alex Galvin, Swanton, Grand Champion Market Rabbit- fryer; Genevieve Galvin, Swanton, Reserve Champion Market Rabbit – fryer; Esther Shaw, Wauseon, Grand Champ Market Rabbit – roaster; Katelyn Liechty, Archbold, Reserve Champion Market Rabbit; Ashley Fisher, Wauseon, Grand Champion Breed Rabbit – Netherland Dwarf; Haley Fahrer, Delta, Reserve Grand Champion Breed Rabbit – Californian.

Rabbit Poster Contest: Brooklyn Spradlin, Lyons, Junior First; Elise Hoylman, Pettisville, Intermediate First; Austin Rearick, Senior First.

Poultry: Rachel Hicks, Swanton, Sr. Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 16 & older; Carson Bennett, Archbold, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 14-15; Brennan Bronson, Delta, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 13; Peyton Taylor, Swanton, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 12; Kayla Sliwinski, Archbold, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 11; Aaron Mora, Swanton, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 10; Izaak Conrad, Wauseon, Showmanship – Broilers/Layers/Fancy 9 & under; Rachel Hicks, Swanton, Poultry Show Off Round SOS Representative from Sr. A/B; Ava Genter, Archbold, Grand Champion, Market Broilers; Andrea Smithmyer, Swanton, Reserve Champion, Market Broilers; Aiden Riegsecker, Delta, Grand Champion Poultry Production (Pullet Layers); Caleb Wanemacher, Wauseon, Reserve Champion Poultry Production (Pullet Layers); Jessica French, Wauseon, Grand Champion, Fancy Poultry; Cole Riches, Delta, Reserve Champion, Fancy Poultry; Rachel Hicks, Swanton, Sr. Showmanship – Turkeys/Ducks/Geese 15 & older; Eli Mora, Swanton, Showmanship – Turkey/Ducks/Geese 12-14; Ella Mishka, Swanton, Showmanship – Turkey/Ducks/Geese 11 & under; Eli Mora, Swanton, Grand Champion Turkey; Taylor Caudill, Wauseon, Reserve Champion Turkey; Aiden Riegsecker, Delta, Best of Show for Poultry;

Poultry Poster Contest: Andrea Smithmyer, Swanton, Sr.; Joshua Lazenby, Swanton, Intermediate; Tess Hinz, Metamora, Jr.