Area Turnpike work to persist into December

By Drew Stambaugh -

Work on the Ohio Turnpike in the Swanton area will continue into December.

The work being performed, which includes bridge work, is scheduled to end on or about Dec. 14, according to Brian Newbacher, Ohio Turnpike public information officer. That is the same time the lane closure on State Route 64 (Main Street) is projected to end.

The lane closure on Main Street was originally projected to last until the end of May. It is now December because the contractor coordinated with ODOT for a longer extension, according to Newbacher.

The Swanton area project includes two bridge replacements and pavement widening. The bridges impacted are over Main Street (State Route 64) and Ai Creek, just to the west.

The bridge decks are being widened and replaced on both mainline bridges, as well as widening of the pavement from mile post 46.5 to mile post 50.92. The widening is being done in anticipation of construction of a new mainline toll plaza just east of Swanton.

This section of the turnpike will remain a two-lane roadway, Newbacher said.

“Two high speed lanes will be maintained through the new mainline plaza,” he said. “An additional ramp lane will enter and exit the new mainline toll plaza. These extended ramps will allow cash customers to safely enter and exit the two-lane section.”

The new mainline toll plaza will be constructed at the site of the former Oak Openings and Fallen Timbers service plazas at mile post 49. Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2020 and will be completed in late fall of 2021, subject to Turnpike Commission approval.

In addition to the absence of gates for the two high speed lanes, gates will also be removed at other existing toll plazas, expect for in cash or credit-paying lanes.

When the overall project is complete, customers who enter through Westgate will pay a yet to be determined flat rate.

“The customer is not charged a toll again until they pass through the proposed barrier gate at mile post 49, where cash-paying customers would be required to pull over and take a toll ticket. They will subsequently be charged a toll when they exit based on their distance traveled upon exit,” said Newbacher.

By Drew Stambaugh

Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010

Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010