Common Pleas Court

Shane G. Tanner , Wauseon, vs. Dennis W. Lowe II, Lyons, other civil.

Abby L. Mouch, Wauseon, vs. Jeremy J. Mouch, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Candace J. Davidson, Delta, vs. Eugene F. Davidson, Newville, Pa., dissolution of marriage without children.

Wells Fargo Bank, Des Moines, Iowa, vs. David L. Urbanowicz, Metamora, foreclosure.

Alfredo Vallejo Jr., Swanton, vs. Jeanine Vallejo, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Heather D. Hansen, Ennis, Mon., vs. Scott W. Henning, Swanton, non-support of dependents.

Suzanne E. Hughes, Delta, vs. Thomas B. Cole, Delta, other civil.

Marriage Licenses

Shane A. McClellan, 37, Delta, electrician, and Ana C. Correa Avalo, 34, Delta, unemployed.

Patrick C. Meadows, 40, Swanton, carpenter, and Dianna L. Meadows, 47, Swanton, highway worker.

Robert G. Beavers, 55, Swanton, foreman, and Kristine L. Forry, 53, Swanton, receptionist.

Cuyler R. Kepling, 24, Delta, firefighter/EMT, and Kaitlyn M. Griewahn, 24, Delta, retail.

Real Estate Transfers

Patricia L. Vollmar to Katelyn M. Thomas, 1246 County Road B, Swanton, $83,700.

Shannon K. Collum to David A. Sulewski Sr., 13867 County Road 4-1, Swanton, $198,000.

Stephen T. and Deanna L. McFarlin to Steven A. Keough, 10103 County Road 6, Delta, $15,000.

Karen Reese to Ronald Taylor Sr., 106 N. Main St., Swanton, $12,000.

Shelley Purser and Clint Peebles to John C. Mulligan and Melissa A. Tonkel, 107 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $222,500.

Jamie C. Olejownik to Simon and Treuly Tomell, 7242 County Road M, Delta, $63,000.

Patricia A. Gerken to Lori L. Scherger, 704 Harvest Lane, Delta, $125,000.

Linda E. and John R. Purser to Shelley Purser Peebles, 4480 County Road 2, Swanton, $350,000.

Norman E. Engle Jr. to S Family Properties LLC, 3610 County Road 2, Swanton, $58,700.

William H. and Candice L. Keener to Chessie Investments LLC, 223 Valleywood Drive, Swanton, $177,000.

William L. and Patricia A. Mitchey, trustees, to Matthew J. and Jennifer L. Daniels, 4481 County Road S, Metamora, $235,000.

Michael and Karen Harger to Nathan L. and Amanda S. Foltz, 211 S. Madison St., Delta, $87,000.

Julius W. Gombash, trustee, to William E. and Polly S. Gombash, County Road J, Swanton, $244,000.

Phillip J. and Erica M. Mishka to Jonathan A. and Jessica Schmidt, 2646 County Road E, Swanton, $195,000.

Michael P. and Kathleen L. Fischer to Eric L. and Kristi L. Nelson, 2424 County Road S, Metamora, $394,500.

RNK Properties LLC to Clifford R. and Amy C. Mast, 307 Monroe St., Delta, $85,000.

Danny J. Smith to Kevin J. and Ashley L. Vanderdonck, 201 Maple St., Swanton, $115,000.

Julius W. Gombash, trustee, to 4 Gumbys Farms LLC, County Road J, Swanton, $150,200.

Antoinette C. Davis to Shannon Collum, 127 Marshall Drive, Swanton, $147,000.

Sue C. Pike, trustee, to Shafers Realty LLC, County Road 10, Delta, $36,819.

Linda L. Garmenn to John C. and Susan S. Kurivial, 7092 County Road 4, Delta, $380,000.

Tim and Carolyn Austin to Kevin L. and Ashley N. Duvall, County Road EF, $37,000.