Swanton unveiling new utility billing system

Staff Report

The Village of Swanton has announced a new utility billing system and new electronic payment and presentment program.

Beginning with bills due Oct. 15, residents will notice changes to the format of the bill. The bill is designed to be simplified, easy to read, shows historical usage in the form of a graph, and outdoor use meters charges will be listed separately when applicable.

“Our team is excited for this upgrade as the previous system is antiquated and not efficient for the Village’s current needs,” said Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle. “Further the new system will allow for better analysis and reporting. The system will also allow the team to better meet the needs of utility customers. There are a multitude of other reasons for the upgrade but more efficiency and effectiveness are the top.”

The biggest change is the elimination of the second or “final notice” bill. This has caused a lot of confusion in terms of payments and this notice crossing in the mail.

Going forward, residents will receive one bill. It will list the due date, which is always the 15th; amount owed if paid after due date; and date service will be shut-off for non-payment. Shut off is the second of the month unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is the next business day.

Emailed bills are always the fastest way to receive your bill, according to village officials. This can be done through the current system as well as the new system. Visit villageofswantonohio.us/residents/utility-billing for more information.

With the new utility billing system, residents will be able to access an account online with the PIN provided on the billing statement. Residents can view 24-months of historical data and a rolling 12-month usage graph.

The portal also provides residents with quick access to their account to view bills, check balances and make payments with credit/debit or electronic checks. Features include an ‘at a glance’ dashboard, scheduling one-time payments, securely storing payment information, and receiving email and text (optional) reminders. Paperless billing will continue to be available.

Creating an account is recommended to access all the features, however, it is not required to view and pay bills online.

Autopay monthly withdrawals can be set up through the administrative office free of any charge.

“This feature has been disabled online, as our third-party bill payment provider would charge for this convenience. We can provide this service free of any processing fees directly from our Utility Billing Software,” said Jennifer Harkey, fiscal officer.

The new payment portal will enable residents to make a payment by phone at any time through an automated payment line or take advantage of the Pay by Text option to receive text message notifications and conveniently pay with a text message using the default payment method established.

Fees will apply for these methods. They are $2.95 for credit/debit card/text and $0.95 for phone payment. The fee is assessed and collected by a third-party.

Residents can call the administrative office at 419-826-9515 or visit villageofswantonohio.us for updates.


Staff Report