NSCC students intern with police

Northwest State Community College has announced an internship program with the Whitehouse police department for its Criminal Justice students. The program is the brainchild of Whitehouse Chief of Police Mark McDonough, working in partnership with NSCC Dean of Allied Health and Public Services Lori Robison, Criminal Justice faculty member Andy Kozal, and Police Academy Commander David Mack.

The workload for the student intern will include follow-up with crime victims, ride-along opportunities with officers on patrol, introduction to the criminal justice system through court visits, and meetings with other criminal justice and social services members. The student-intern will also survey the community in regards to the Whitehouse Police Department.

“The internship provides valuable experience from multiple perspectives,” Robison said. “Students can watch as the case navigates the court system, they can better understand the case from all aspects, and see the successes and flaws.”

NSCC has existing partnerships in the six-county area for its criminal justice and law enforcement academy students, in areas including probation departments, law enforcement agencies, and the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

McDonough anticipates many opportunities in the NSCC internship program, including the potential for finding a future employee.