Assessments approved by Swanton Council

Tree risks discussed

By Drew Stambaugh -

Swanton Village Council approved leaf collection and street lighting ordinances at a light meeting on July 15. Third readings were approved for each of the assessments, which have to be approved annually and are unchanged from the previous year.

Council also approved two items by emergency, including a resolution related to the Project 10 Sewer Separation project. The resolution is to seek reimbursement from the state for a portion of the project that will be paid for with a Ohio Public Works Commission loan.

Project 10 will include separating sewers on Woodside and Parkside drives and portions of Brookside Drive. Major work on the project will start in 2020.

The Committee of the Whole discussed unimproved roadways, a potential Joint Economic Development District between Swanton and Delta, and refuse storage containers, but no action was taken on either matter.

Mayor’s Report

In her report to the council, Mayor Ann Roth spoke of a tree risk assessment completed in Memorial Park. She said there are two trees that need to be removed as soon as possible.

She added that construction of the Garfield Avenue Bridge contributed to the issue. “If you look down at the soil, you can literally see this tree coming out of the soil,” she said.

Roth said heavy machinery parked at the site crushed the roots, destroying the root system and leaving Swanton with two trees that need to be taken down.

Putting down mulch in areas with heavy machinery can help limit the problem in the future because it would provide a cushion.

In total 13-14 trees in Memorial Park were recommended for removal at some point, with the two near Garfield Avenue pinpointed for quick removal. It is recommended that the trees be removed before the Aug. 17 Corn Festival.

Administrator’s Report

• Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle reported that the Fireworks Fest went well. A survey sent out following the event netted over 220 responses.
• Hoelzle reported the commercial water meter project began last week. All businesses in the first phase were sent letters with assigned dates and times. They could then contact the village to reschedule if the time did not work.
Commercial meters are being updated first, then residential meters will be updated. Residential updates will likely begin next year.

• A special council meeting was slated for July 29 to discuss the village’s capital improvement plan.

• The Swanton High School football team volunteered to perform landscaping at Rotary Park, the municipal building and Memorial Park.

Tree risks discussed

By Drew Stambaugh

Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010

Reach Drew Stambaugh at 419-335-2010