Common Pleas Court

Janet Stack, Delta, vs. Brian Stack, Delta, support enforcement.

Matthew Huffman, Wauseon, vs. Brianna Huffman, Delta, dissolution of marriage without children.

Scott A. Dehollander, Swanton, vs. Shelly A. Dehollander, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Matthew J. St. John II, 33, Delta, refinery operator, and Meggie B. Bialecki, 33, Delta, homemaker.

Richard G. Paul Jr., 61, Delta, steel fabricator, and Janet K. Herter, 52, Delta, school aide.

Jason B. Mitchell, 30, Delta, dispensary agent, and Ashley N. Johnston, 31, Delta, nail technician.

Joseph K. Dollarhide, 36, Swanton, meat cutter, and Kristen M. Whitcomb, 29, Swanton, homemaker.

Zachary E. Young, 31, Delta, mechanic, and Erica A. Goldsmith, 26, Delta, server.

Michael J. Fischer, 27, Metamora, CPA, and Taylor R. Kashmer, 25, Metamora, human resources specialist.

Danial P. Urban, 33, Swanton, sales manager, and Samantha J. Niese, 36, Swanton, territory manager.

Real Estate Transfers

John E. Brown to Janet R. Aquilar, 4467 U.S. 20, Swanton, $96,000.

Patty R. Lunsford to Wise Choice Properties LLC, 2701 County Road 4-1, Swanton, $40,000.

Courtney L. and Adam R. Ziehr to Courtney Meeks, 209 Larch Lane, Swanton, $190,000.

Gerald H. Langenderfer to Jeffry S. Langenderfer, 2139 Simon Ave., Metamora, $30,000.

Tiffany M. and Matthew D. Laney to Jeremy A. and Casandra A. Upton, 118 Woodside Drive, Swanton, $187,000.

Daniel and Donna Najdzion to Vandco Properties LLC, 302 W. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $57,000.

Larry E. and Catherine A. Clausen, trustees, to Dale A. and David A. and Denise L. Fulton, 13820 County Road 9-2, Delta, $65,000.

Big House Construction LLC to Michael P. and Eleanor R. Jordan, 23 Crabtree, Swanton, $254,900.

Kevin L. and Ashley N. Duvall to Katelyn J. Lowe and Casey C. Rade, 3015 County Road H, Swanton, $227,000.

David A. and Christina L. Augsburger to Timothy N. Fenter, 31 Hawthorne Drive, Delta, $173,000.

David M. Mossing to Michael A. Sr. and Cheryl L. Guhl, 13910 State Highway 64, Swanton, $150,000.

Michael Fleck to Shannon M. Heilman, 601 E. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $130,000.

Cynthia M. and Stanley L. Sprow to Brian D. Smith, 4067 County Road 2, Swanton, $125,000.

Cheryl L. Evans, successor trustee, to Thomas A. Carr, 309 W. Main St., Metamora, $130,000.

Mary Ann Enyart to Thomas R. and Jennifer J. Baker, 503 Oakwood Lane, Delta, $143,500.

Bonnie J. Cicora to Dean J. Bonifas, trustee, 104 Church St., Swanton, $50,000.

Jo Ann Roberts to Dale E. and Nancy E. Wolfe, 229 Woodland Ave., Swanton, $205,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Dave Schaupert, 9742 County Road N, Delta, $25,000.

David R. and Lisa McGuire to Nicholas A. and Meghan P. Shoun, 111 Clark St., Swanton, $117,000.

Tracy A. and Lynn M. Campbell to Richard L. and Heidi J. Barcum, 6010 County Road 2, Swanton, $289,000.

Joshua A. Miller to Brady J. Harlett, 403 Dodge St., Swanton, $231,000.

Janet E. Lemmon to Theodore E. Burch, 2995 County Road E, Swanton, $44,000.

Brady J. Harlett to Daniel B. Hall, 104 Lawrence Ave., Swanton, $89,000.

Bradley S. Chapman to Scott P. Kirsch, 813 Greenview Ave., Delta, $154,000.

Peter E. and Kathleen A. Clay, trustees, to Samuel R. Lockwood and Kara Bryner, 9573 County Road 1, Swanton, $192,000.