Food card sales to benefit Carly Cares

This holiday season, FoodieCards will be available to purchase at Franklin Park Mall. FoodieCards are a full deck of playing cards with each card serving as a $10 discount card to one of 54 dining establishments in the Toledo area. A deck of FoodieCards costs only $30 and provides $540 in savings and are good through October 2016.

FoodieCards has designated Saturday, Dec. 12 “Cards for Carly” day. For every deck of FoodieCards purchased on Dec. 12, $15 will go to Carly Cares.

Carly Cares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to support children and families suffering from rare diseases including Progeria, and the medical researchers who fight these diseases.

Carly Cares is the namesake of Whitehouse resident Carly Kudzia, 5, who was diagnosed with Progeria, an accelerated aging disease, in April 2011. Her condition is extremely rare. Carly is one of only 18 known cases in the US, and the second in the Toledo area. There are currently 103 children known to be living with Progeria worldwide.

“Due to the generosity of the people of Northwest Ohio and businesses like FoodieCards, who have so graciously let Carly into their hearts, this past year we have been able to partner with the Progeria Research Foundation to co-fund a two-year research grant through the Progeria Research Foundation’s Medical Research Grant Program. Carly Cares funded transportation for 12 children with Progeria and their families to attend the first U.S. Progeria Family Reunion at Paul Newman’s Hole at the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut. Generous fundraisers like this one will help us continue our work”, said Carly Cares President and Carly’s mother, Heather Kudzia.

Heather and Carly’s father, Ryan, are both Swanton High School graduates.

FoodieCards are being sold at the kiosk located directly in front of William Sonoma across from Build a Bear and The Apple Store. Carly will stop by the kiosk to thank and visit patrons at 2 p.m.

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