NOCAC offers ‘Getting Ahead’ class

“Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World,” a program that enables participants called “investigators” to examine their own experience in poverty, as well as issues in the community that impact poverty such as banking, housing, jobs, and transportation, will be offered by the Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission.

The program provides critical information the community can use to take action to end poverty. “Getting Ahead” guides investigators through an assessment of their own resources, and examines how to build those resources as part of their move to get ahead.

Participants meet in a weekly three-hour class for 16 weeks. They are paid a $25 stipend each week they attend, and receive snacks and drinks. They also will be awarded a certificate of completion at a graduation ceremony.

To date, Fulton County has had two classes of “Getting Ahead” graduates. Those interested in the next class should contact Tracey Backhaus at 419-784-2150 ext. 1129 or at [email protected]