Board approves eSports club for SHS

By Mikayla Rochelle - For the Enterprise

The Swanton Local School Board unanimously approved the request to recognize the Swanton eSports Club as a club sport Wednesday evening at their regular monthly meeting.

The Swanton eSports Club will be allowed to use the Swanton High School name and logo for competition. The approval for the club previously failed in last month’s meeting with a 3-2 vote due to concerns of clarity of what the club would be and plans for obtaining equipment.

Superintendent Chris Lake took time during the meeting to thank all the voters who voted in favor of the renewal of the 0.75% income tax for Swanton Local Schools.

“This levy is a crucial piece of our funding and it will allow us to continue to strive to provide the best possible education for the students of the Swanton Local School District,” Lake said. “We appreciate everyone who took the time to go out and vote and we thank them for their continued support.”

Lake also took time during the meeting to recognize the winner and top four finalists of “The Amazing Shake”, a competition the seventh grade took part in that emphasizes teaching students professional conduct. The top four finalists were Mika Levin, Kalila Shanly, Emma Crow and Sydney Ruiz. Ruiz was the winner, and will represent Swanton Middle School in the national Amazing Shake competition next year in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharon Marvin was approved for the position of Students Services director. The position was previously held by Mike Vicars, who is retiring.

Two busses were approved for purchase, including one with a handicap lift. The bus with the handicap lift is to be purchased right away, and the additional bus is to be purchased after July 1.

The board approved a girls’ soccer overnight camp at Ohio Northern University that will take place July 14-17.

The board also approved a girls’ volleyball overnight camp at Tiffin University for July 7-9, and an overnight camp at Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney, Ohio, for July 19-21.


The board approved several contracts for teachers and others. Continuing certified contracts were approved for Josh Eppert, Kurt Blalock, and Angela Nowak.

Three-year certified contracts were approved for Samantha Preisner, Mindy Moeller, Tiffany Hood, Adrienne Driftmyer, Ashley Larrow, Christine Elliott, Brooks Brown, Vicki Young, Micah McGough, Heather Courtney, Joellen McDonnall, Samantha Schmidt, Renee Bardwell, and Madeline Byers.

Two-year certified contracts were approved for Ashley Jones, Kelsey Gillen, Taryn Casteel, Brianna Bergman, and Sam Wesche.

One-year certified contracts were approved for Joel Visser, Kathryn George, Jaclyn Borer, Tiffany Kasper, Kirk Ostojic, Britteny Rolfes, Sarah Durst, Kersten Davis, and Ernie Ruiz.

Two-year classified contracts were approved for Becky Nelson, Stella Foote, Brittany Ventimiglia, Eric Cespuglio, Deb Burrow, Heidi Bellner, Gary James, Nikkole Bettinger, Steve Waddell, Shelly Schmidt, and Heather Thatcher.

One-year classified contracts were approved for James Dickman, Lisa Mattin, and Marla Kusz.

By Mikayla Rochelle

For the Enterprise