SACC looks to spread health, knowledge

Swanton Area Community Coalition is challenging area residents to spread more than just love this February. This month SACC has been encouraging people to focus on spreading love, health, and knowledge in the community.

To help complete this challenge, the coalition will be providing helpful action steps and informative facts to promote a healthier community throughout the month. SACC is concerned with the growing substance abuse trends in the community.

They want everyone to know there are things people can do to combat these trend that are impacting the community and youth each and every day.

Underage drinking remains a negative youth trend, according to SACC. Swanton’s youth report that they get most of their alcohol from either parents’ homes or the homes of their friends’ parents.

SACC leaders said citizens can spread love, health, and knowledge by modeling responsible behaviors and healthy habits to prevent this. One example is by not stocking alcohol in your home and if you do, keeping it locked away from minors. This lowers the accessibility that youth have to alcohol, making for a healthier community.

SACC officials also highlighted the dangers of vaping, marijuana, and opioids. They said area residents can combat marijuana trends by talking to youth about health risks and combat vaping by preparing youth for peer pressure.

One action step you can take to combat the opioid trend includes working with your doctor if prescribed opioids for pain. Know the questions to ask. Working with medical professionals to stay informed is a huge way to gain knowledge, stay healthy, and show yourself and those in your life love.

Those who would like access to more helpful actions steps and informative facts to help you spread love, health, and knowledge this month can search Swanton Area Community Coalition on Facebook, check out their Instragram @sacc_seed or go to our website