Courthouse News


Richard M. Scherer to Gary A and Sarah Schwert, joint survivors, 502 Oakwood Lane, Delta, $110,000.

Bonnie Ochs to Scott P. and Melissa S. Zaciewski, 14130 County Road 5-1, Metamora, $268,000.

James E. and Pamela A. Fahrer to Michael F. Johnson, 1088 County Road C, Swanton, $148,000.

Judy A. Helminiak to Nolan Miller, 6957 County Road B, Delta, $117,000.

Jerry L. and Nancy McDonnall, trustees, to Bridget A. Raab, 8988 Brookside Lane, Delta, $180,000.

Dean J. Lybarger to Ross E. and Marilyn V. Johnson, County Road 5, Delta, $224,000.

Sue Double to Kyle L. Nofziger, 409 E. Main St., Delta, $71,945.

Sarah L. Smith-Jennewine and Gary A. Schwert to Paul D. Sparks, 1814 County Road 4-1, Swanton, $169,000.

Clarence Stark, trustee to Margaret M. and Shane L. Stark, joint survivors, 4635 County Road C, Delta, $93,000.

Robert L. and Sonia J. C. Green to Amy L. Maxwell and Todd F. Kolhagen, joint survivors, 518 S. Main St., Swanton, $120,000.

Allyn D. Schmitz, trustee to Schmitz Construction, LLC, 123 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $20,000.


Gerald E. Edwards, 79, Delta, retired and Barbara A. Edwards, 76, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, retired.

Larry M. Yarberry, 45, Delta, tire technician and Tammy S. Davis, 32, Delta, factory worker.