Sewage overflow reported in Swanton

Wet weather caused two combined sewer overflows in the Village of Swanton on Nov. 27. They took place in the area of Brookside Drive at Crestwood Drive and Zeiter Way at Hallett Avenue.

The receiving water was Ai Creek. The cumulative volume of the two discharges was 35,000 gallons.

Combined sewer systems convey both storm and sanitary sewer flows. During periods of wet weather, either heavy rain or snow melt, the volume of the water flowing through the sewer pipes can exceed the system capacity and overflow to nearby streams and rivers through overflow/relief structures.

The village is in the process of separating all of the combined sewers in the village in order to eliminate the combined sewer overflows. Most recently, Church Street and an area south of the Swanton Public Library had sewer separation over the summer. Another sewer separation project is slated for 2019.