Garfield Ave. closure extended to spring

Staff Report

On the recommendation of consulting engineers, Village of Swanton officials have to extend the closure of Garfield Avenue, at the bridge, until Spring 2019.

The harshest November weather in four years as hampered the project. The work on Garfield Avenue Bridge is nearing the end, however the 75 foot approaches on either side of the bridge, and the road from the bridge to Main Street will not be paved per the recommendations of consulting engineers.

Therefore, the bridge will be closed until the asphalt plants open back up in spring 2019.

“This was not an easy decision for Village Officials to make,” said a village news release. “Ohio Department of Transportation pavement specifications indicate the temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and rising for laying asphalt. There is risk involved if asphalt is laid when the temperature is below 40 degrees.”

Air temperature, base temperatures and hot mixed asphalt temperature are vital to obtaining compaction and longevity of newly paved surfaces. If the air and base temperatures are colder than specified, then the asphalt pavement will cool too fast, causing it to set up and making it very difficult to obtain the specified compacted density.

If the compaction density is not obtained the entire surface may ravel leaving a rough surface and thus reducing the life of the pavement. Essentially, if the contractor paved the approaches there is a high probability the Village would have to pay more money to repave in a few years, according to officials.

The bridge replacement started later than originally.

“The project was originally delayed due to Toledo Edison’s delayed relocation of power lines around the project area,” said Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle. “It took approximately three to four extra weeks for them to relocate than accounted for in the project scope.”

The Village of Swanton will release future updates to notify the community on the project status.

Staff Report